32nd Infantry Regiment Association  

   "The Queen's Own"




                                                                                                                                                                                                                    August, 2017

John P. Roome


To: All members of the 32nd Infantry Regiment “Queens Own”

I am writing this letter in order to introduce myself to the members and friends of the Queens Own Regiment. I recently was selected by Mr. Rodney Ramsey, and COL (R) Golosov to serve as the Interim President of the Association.

I served on active duty for 25 years and served in the Regiment from October 2002 – July 2011. During the time that I served with the Regiment I fulfilled duties as Operations NCO in the Battalion Operations Section, Battalion Mortar Platoon Sergeant, Bravo Company and Headquarters First Sergeant, and as the Battalion Operations Sergeant Major. While serving in these positions I participated in numerous deployments in support of the Global War on Terror, and various training exercises. I retired from active duty on August 31, 2016 and currently reside in the Fort Drum NY area.

I am honored to be associated with this great regiment and am humbled that I was asked to serve as the Association President.

My current plan for the regiment is to keep the connection open with the current active duty battalion of the regiment which is located on Fort Drum NY. In doing this I would like to develop a “way ahead” for the association in regards to growing the membership and developing a schedule of events that will incorporate the association members and the current active duty Soldiers.

I am asking for help from members of the regiment in regards to coming up with some ideas on how to grow the current membership, and developing a schedule of events that incorporates the association members and their families as well as the current active duty Soldiers.

                                                                                    John P. Roome

                                                                                    CSM, Retired

                                                                                   “Queens Own”