32nd Infantry Regiment Association  

   "The Queen's Own"


We invite you to join the 32nd Infantry Regiment Association, where you can reconnect with your old comrades, from past duty in peace and war.  We have veterans from WW II, Korea, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. Many are combat veterans who served in supporting battalions, who fought alongside the 32nd units and many are peace time soldiers who served in Korea and in the United States Army. Many who joined us are Associates, wives and family members of the veterans and friends who enjoy coming to our reunions.

Our active duty, 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry, based at Ft. Drum, NY, has had close contact with our association.  They have been joining us at reunions, along with Officers and Honor Guards. During these events we get to hear about the battalions actions, both in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ongoing fighting. Old and young, we do bond once again at the reunions.

                           Please right click on this page to print out application, to send with your check.  Make Checks Payable to:

                                                                                 Treasurer, 32nd Infantry Regiment Association


  Mail Membership Application and payment to:

Cheryl Roome

 Treasurer 32nd Infantry Regiment Association

 Evans Mills, New York 13637 




        Annual Membership Fees:

        Active Duty Member:                                                                          $10.00                                       

        Associate Member (Spouse/Family Member to a Vet. per person):   $10.00

        Regular Membership (Retiree/Out of the Military):                             $25.00   

        Lifetime Membership Fees:               

        Life Member ( up to the age of 54):                                                    $150.00                                                      

        Life Member ( 55 and older):                                                              $125.00                                                            



                        LAST                                             FIRST                                  MI                                                               SPOUSE'S NAME


        ADDRESS:                                                                                                                                        PHONE:                                                       


        CITY                                            STATE                                      ZIP CODE     



                                                     SERVED IN 32ND___________________ TO _________________      RANK    ________________________


                                                                                        COMPANY:______________           BATTALION:                         

If you wish to donate to The 32nd Infantry Regiment Monuments fund and help maintain the fund at Ft. Benney, GA. or Donate to The Punchbowl Cemetery, in Hawaii,  The Association would be extremely grateful.   Thank you.